Defense is the most common and simple defensive option in Strife. Pretty self explanatory, more defense means less damage. The defense that you currently have will be displayed above your hp bar, below a blue shield.


When being struck or striking in a enemy, damage will go through the following equation. During calculations defense is factored third, after damage randomization and your attack value.

((Base Damage (+ or -) 5% of Base Damage) * Attack) / (Target Defense)

  • Renegade's "reaper's mark" passive and gash allow them to ignore bonuses armor above 100%. This is not true damage because it is effected by damage buffs.
  • Beckoner's "Will O' Wisp" will deal pure damage and consistently deal the same damage regardless of damage buffs or defense.
  • damage over time like beckoner's "Baleful Flames" and vulca's "Afterburn" will deal the same amount of damage regardless of how much defense the target has.