Tips and Trivia

  • Grand's blade is named Auswirkung, which is German for 'impact".
  • Grand's C ability, Siege Guard, has RNG stagger if an opposing Vulca using Blazing Assault hits a guarding Grand.
  • Auswirkung deals damage during it's unsheathing animation if it hits something.


  • Grand's Auswirkung should be unsheathed in the majority of your battles. The reach of the gargantuan blade and the massive damage output makes it more recommendable compared to fists.
  • Knowing when to change your stance is the key to using Grand effectively. Sheathed stance is favourable in chasing opponents and positioning while unsheathed stance is more suited towards combat.
  • Be aware that using Chase may not go well as intended when there are multiple enemies nearby.
  • Earth Breaker should be charged to its fullest to maximize damage.
  • A successful stagger from Siege Guard can be followed up with a full charge Earth Breaker or Epicenter. If conserving Stamina is a necessity, click combo works just as well from the 20% damage increase.
  • Epicenter can be used to cancel out moves by suppressing them (although some moves cannot be cancelled if I remember correctly). Furthermore, the direction of the shockwave can be changed with mouselock.
  • It is not recommended to adopt an aggressive playstyle when playing in teams. Chase is an excellent dash, but since it homes in on a target it cannot be used to escape from a fight. Instead, Grand can be played as an excellent bodyguard who can intercept assassins attempting to kill the team's supports or squishier classes.
  • Only use Drop's 50% stun desperately and when you know you can land it, it is very favourable and can turn the tables of the battle, or you can run away instead and have the stun borrow you some time.


  • Grand's sheathed mode provides very little defense due to the pitiful range of combo attacks and low damage. Caution is needed however, as Grand has access to Epicenter and Drop.
  • Take advantage of Grand's slow movement speed in unsheathed mode to move out of its effective range easily. It does not help that Grand is susceptible to movement debuffs either.
  • Try to bait Grand to into using its Siege Guard to waste it and temporarily bring down Grand's massive damage to your level.
  • Rushers can be effective against Grand (theoretically) with their faster speed and sheer burst damage output. With Grand's slow attack speed taken into account, Rushers can quickly kill it before the same can be done to them.