Forgotten Hill Boss

Siegmund is a boss that appears on Forgotten Hill. He wields a gigantic sword called the Grandark. Siegmund is designed to act as his own class, having four special attacks, a Passive (Grandark Armor), a Utility/E (Sprinting), and the average clicking attack.

Siegmund's General Statistics

 [Health] - The formula for Siegmund's Health is 5000 + (Players*200)
[Damage] - 500%
[Defense] - 400% when attacking, 200% if moving or idle.
[Walkspeed] - 30% and 130% when bashing, sprinting, or jumping.
Ability Name Effect Description
Grandark Armor Siegmund gains 200% defense when attacking. Additionally, Siegmund cannot be staggered or stunned, and is resistant to knockback. Siegmund's armor becomes extremely resistant to damage when Death Impact, Heavy Slam, Bash, Jump, or his Heavy Combo are being used. Siegmund's armor also protects him from attacks that would stagger or stun him, and gives him resistance to knockback.
Sprint Increases Siegmund's movespeed by 100%. Often used as a utility for Siegmund. Siegmund increases his walkspeed as he sprints. This does no harm to the player, however, once he gets close, there is much you need to worry about.
Death Impact Damages and stagggers players in range, losing 20% walkspeed when hit. Siegmund lifts up his foot, becoming immobile, then stomps, releasing a wide area stagger with some good stun as well. This can be dodged by jumping at the right moment. However, he does this once every minute.
Heavy Slam Highly damages players when hit physically. Knocks back players who are hit by the shockwave, losing 20% walkspeed. Siegmund lifts the Grandark up high above his head, then slams it to the ground, dealing very little damage when hit by the AOE, but deals incredibly high stun. Getting hit by the sword itself deals tons of damage but not that high of a stun.
Bash Damages and staggers players who are hit. Siegmund charges at the player and does moderate damage along with staggering all who come in contact. Can be avoided by sidestepping the charge.
Jump Slightly damages players, both by jumping and landing. Siegmund jumps high into the air, doing damage to the area around his feet on the lift-off and the landing with a chance of stun. Used when the player is on a higher ground than Siegmund is.
Heavy Combo Damages players who are hit. This acts as Siegmund's basic combo attack (clicking), as it has no limit to how often it is used. Siegmund's Heavy Combo makes Siegmund's Grandark slash to the left, slash to the right, then finally slashes downward. Heavy Combo attacks faster and twice when trying to attack a stunned enemy.
Useful Tips

Remember, Siegmund's health is determined on how many players are in the server.

When standing, Siegmund will only use these moves:

  • Heavy Slam
  • Heavy Combo

When walking, Siegmund will only use these moves:

  • Heavy Slam
  • Bash
  • Death Impact

When running, Siegmund will only use these moves:

  • Jump
  • Bash
  • Death Impact

Siegmund will jump if you are at a higher elevation than Siegmund, regardless of whether he is standing, walking or running.

How to Avoid Siegmund's attacks:

Common sense, do not engage when he is using click combo or is in the middle of the Heavy Slam. The AoE of his jump and Heavy Slam attack are much more than you think, ALWAYS be cautious of his stomp and bash. Jump right when Siegmund is lowering his foot to avoid the stomp (very hard timing) and when siegmund is in sprint mode, move sideways often to avoid the bash stagger. Avoid jumping, as the AI will assume you are on "higher ground" because he will jump and make you miss some attacks and cause panic.

You can try going around Siegmund while striking him, as this decrease the chance of you being hit as Siegmund can't turn once he either made his Attack Combo or Heavy Slam. This provides a perfect chance for players to dodge his attacks, thus allowing players to either heal or repeat the process.

Also, do not stick too close together. Siegmund's area of effect attacks can finish everyone off in a few moments if you're too close to the others. So, spread out.


-During the Halloween Update, Siegmund had a skull for a head instead of a hoodie.

-During the Thanksgiving Update, Siegmund dropped food when killed to represent 'loot'.

-During the Christmas Update, Siegmund dropped Christmas Presents upon death, along with a victory sound (Santa's "ho, ho, ho!", kids cheering, etc.).

-During the Valentine's Day update, Siegmund has pink eyes instead of red ones.

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